Learn how to automate your Hybrid Cloud environment 

and enjoy a night out at Gold Class on us!

Advent One partners with Australian enterprises to drive maximum value from their Hybrid Cloud infrastructure. We use expert methodology and automation to turn complex IT infrastructure, both on-premise and in the cloud, into an orchestrated and automated single entity that gives IT teams the control and visibility they need to succeed.

Meet with Advent One to learn how you can refresh, organise and optimise your Hybrid Cloud environment. In this meeting you will learn from Advent One's experts on how to:

  • Build systems that meet regulatory and compliance requirements for data management in your Hybrid Cloud environment;
  • Reduce the current total cost of ownership of your current set-up through automation and orchestration;

Best practices for building a Hybrid Cloud strategy that is future-proofed and cyber resilient.

In this meeting we will also showcase how Advent One fast-tracks Hybrid Cloud excellence through automation of infrastructure. This can include:

  • Using automation to stand up operating systems, hypervisors, cloud instances and networks;
  • Enabling automation across standard security components including firewalls, patching and security remediation;
  • Using automation to drive faster releases of software deployment and integration;
  • Building automation into containerisation, enterprise storage, data management and continuous delivery pipelines. 

In exchange for your time, Advent One will purchase 2 Gold Class tickets for you and a plus one to enjoy a treat on us!


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